ENGL3027W: The Essay

4 CreditsEnvironmentField StudyOnline AvailableWriting Intensive

This is a course for students ready to face more challenging assignments and deepen their comfort and skill with writing. The instructor helps the student develop more sophisticated research strategies and experiment with more creative stylistic choices. Assignments might include autobiographies, critical comparisons, reviews of articles or books, cultural analyses, persuasive essays, and annotated bibliographies. Students in this course learn to 1) generate topics and develop essays with greater independence than they exercised in freshman composition, 2) write for multiple audiences—academic and non-academic—making appropriate decisions about content, rhetoric, structure, vocabulary, style, and format, 3) write creative non-fiction and other genres incorporating complex description and analysis, 4) analyze the conventions and styles of writing in their major field, and 5) experiment with new and more sophisticated writing strategies and styles.

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