FREN1001: Beginning French I

5 Credits

Bonjour! Join us in learning the global language of diplomacy, culture, cuisine, and commerce! French is spoken on five continents, in approximately 40 countries, and even in Maine and Louisiana. Studying French will deepen your understanding of world history and the relationships between different cultures around the globe and close to home. Studying the language of Les Misérables, Monet, and joie de vivre allows you to access some of the most amazing art, thought, and food on the planet!Beginning French (French 1001) is designed for students with little or no knowledge of the French language. It focuses on developing your intercultural, reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills. By the end of this course, you will be able to communicate about family, housing, and school. You will also gain familiarity with French-speaking communities around the world. The course features preparatory and practice activities outside of class designed to encourage analysis of language structure so that class time can be primarily devoted to meaningful interaction in French.

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