FREN1502: Gateways to French and Francophone Studies: Bilingual

3 CreditsArts/HumanitiesGlobal PerspectivesOnline AvailableOral Communication & Languages

What are French and Francophone Studies? What key moments in French and Francophone culture can help us understand our world today? This course taught in English answers these questions by letting you discover the diverse cultures of France and French-speaking countries (such as Senegal, Canada or Belgium), and the ways we study them in the humanities. You will encounter texts, visual material, films, music, and historical events from various eras and learn how to make sense of them. Faculty from the French program will come and share with you what they research and why. A portion of the semester will be devoted to one of two role-playing simulations. During these weeks, you will delve deeply into the material, researching your historical character and working with other students whose goals converge with yours to sway the opinions of your other classmates. Along the way, you will enhance your skills in public speaking and writing. (1) The French Revolution. Where did the notion of the social contract and human rights come from? What dilemmas did the people of France face in this turbulent attempt to transition from monarchy to a new form of government?(2) The 1889 art exhibition in Paris, which was a focus of debates about art, esthetics and urbanism. Do you want to be a traditional painter, Van Gogh, an art critic, a woman patron, an anarchist, or a worker on the Eiffel Tower?French 1502 is taught in English, but it includes some readings in French. In some semesters, it may also include occasional discussions or small group activities in French. You can take French 1502 as a freestanding class or at the same time as a language class (FREN 3015-3016, depending on your level). The class is required for new majors and minors in French Studies, but you can take it simply to discover the fascinating cultures of French-speaking communities worldwide! prereq: FREN 1004 (or equivalent through the LPE)

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