FREN3015: Advanced French Grammar and Communication

3 Credits

Taught entirely in French. Prerequisite: French 1004 or LPE.Voilà, c'est fait: You have completed French 1004 or passed the LPE. You are certified as an intermediate speaker of French.Don't lose your momentum! French 3015 allows you to start working toward a new goal: advanced proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing French. Along with this higher proficiency comes a deeper understanding of French and Francophone culture around the world.In this class, you will focus on grammar in context, reading longer, more complex texts in the original language. You will write short compositions that include various genres such as the first-person narrative, the business letter, and the essay. You will learn how to use the correction software Antidote as a means of perfecting your writing skills. In class, you will participate in group work to boost your oral comprehension skills and in writing workshops to boost your writing skills. Listening activities include a film, an audiobook, a song, and videos related to readings. Written exercises include translation, grammar, and vocabulary building.Literary readings include excerpts from a medieval text (La légende de Tristan et Iseut), as well as four 20th-century texts (by Danielle Cadorette, Annie Ernaux, Albert Camus, and Pierre-Jakez Hélias). Journalists include Kamel Daoud (published in the Le Monde) and Fatym Layachi (published in the Moroccan newspaper Tel Quel). Based on these readings and discussions of the themes of friendship, family, education, work, technology, and bilingualism, you will explore notions of identity in the French and Francophone world.

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