FREN3101W: Methods in French and Francophone Studies

3 CreditsEnvironmentEthical and Civic ResponsibilityLiteratureWriting Intensive

Taught entirely in French. In this course, you will delve deeply into original stories, lyrics, plays, and films in French, from around the world and across time. What verbal and visual codes carry meaning in a given culture? How do cultures create a space for the subject or the self?As you discuss these questions, you will become a faster and more independent reader, gain sensitivity to the sonorities and rhythms of the French language and the nuances of sense it makes possible, and learn to perceive implicit meaning in texts. Theoretical readings and lessons in developing thesis statements and organizing arguments will enhance your ability to understand and create complex arguments in French.Each individual section of this course addresses these questions with a different selection of readings and films grouped around a specific theme, so please consult the Class Info page to find out more!nonfiction texts, cultural artifacts, and audio/visual media pertaining to France and Francophone communities across the centuries.prereq: 3016 or equiv

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