FSCN 4312W: Food Analysis

4 CreditsWriting Intensive

The course covers major analytical tools needed for any investigation in food science and technology, whether by the food industry, governmental agencies, or universities. Specifically, the course covers: application of quantitative and qualitative physical, chemical, and instrumental methods used for analysis and examination of food constituents, ingredients, and products; sensory evaluation techniques; and evaluation of methods and interpretation of results. The course covers methods used for: compositional analysis of foods; chemical characterization of foods and food constituents; and spectroscopic, chromatographic, and spectrometric analysis used for the detection, identification, and quantification of food macro- and micro- components. In this course the students will learn to identify the appropriate methods of analysis based on the investigation purpose, either nutrition labeling, quality control, product development, or scientific research. prereq: FSCN 4112

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