FSCN 8314: Food Materials Science

2 Credits

Principles of materials science as applied to food processing and product development. Overview of phase transitions, phase and state diagrams of food materials. Discussion of the glassy state in foods, the role of water as plasticizer, and the implications for shelf life and texture. Crystallization in foods. Introduction to molecular dynamics and transport phenomena. Mechanical properties and rheology of concentrated food systems. Application to processes such as freezing, drying, extrusion, spray drying, freeze drying, agglomeration, baking. Use in product development: ice cream and other frozen foods; extruded cereal and protein-based foods; food powders for application in dairy, culinary, instant beverages, nutritional products; cereal bars; baked goods, pasta, etc. Integration and extension of foundational concepts in selected topics, such as in encapsulation and controlled release of bioactives in food, food powders, films and coatings.

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