HRIR 4100W: HRIR Capstone: Personal and Organizational Leadership

4 CreditsWriting Intensive

This course is a writing intensive capstone course for undergraduates majoring in HR. Given the emphasis of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) on the critical need for HR professionals to both be leaders and understand leadership development, we focus this capstone class on the topic of leadership within the context of the SHRM competency model. The first part of the course provides students with a solid understanding of leadership needs within organizations and current tools, vendors, and techniques that can be used to develop leadership bench strength and capability within companies. The second part of the course features guest speakers from different areas of HR and student presentations based on the SHRM competency model. The course will help students reflect upon the extreme importance of leadership, how to develop organizational leaders, and will provide means to develop their own first level leadership and human resources competencies. prereq: 3021, 6 HRIR credits, [senior status or dept consent]

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