LAW 6928: Cooperative Lawyering and Problem Solving Courts: Lawyers as Peacemakers

2 Credits

This is a non-traditional seminar for students who are interested in exploring a manner of practicing law broader than the win/lose paradigm of the adversary system. This seminar will explore peacemaking opportunities for lawyers at several levels: - Practicing lawyers engaged in different varieties of cooperative lawyering will make guest presentations. - Effective peacemaking requires personal awareness and self-control, and so the course will introduce students to mindfulness, a fundamental tool for peace of mind, as well as basic skills in peaceful communication. - We will examine the recent developments in neuroscience and evolutionary psychology that help explain the dynamics of human conflict. - Finally, we will look at how the lessons about peacemaking apply to political and religious conflict. As a case study in political conflict, we will choose a hotly contested current event. The class requires an open mind and a willingness to share personal thoughts and experiences.

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