POL 4478W: Contemporary Politics in Africa and the Colonial Legacy

3 CreditsGlobal PerspectivesWriting Intensive

At the core, this class is about the interaction between the assertion of and challenge to political authority in Africa. Who should have the right to make decisions that structure people's lives? To what extent is "might" an important source of political authority? How, in turn, do people respond to these different means of establishing political authority? Using these questions as a springboard, this class will examine some broader themes relating to colonialism, state building, conflict and development in Africa. Politics in Africa, just as in any other place in the world, is complex and for that reason, the objective of the class is not to give you answers, but to have you think critically about the issues we cover. Towards this end, this class will draw on different sources ranging from novels to manifestos so as to illustrate both the mundane and extraordinary events that have helped shape the political landscape of the continent.

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