SPAN 3011W: Spanish Grammar and Composition Workshop

4 CreditsWriting Intensive

SPAN 3011W will systematically expose students to a wide variety of fascinating literary texts loosely organized around the central theme of contemporary Spain. These literary source materials offer not only a panorama of the Spanish language but also an internal—sometimes intensely personal—vision of the dynamics of Spain's evolution from monarchy, to fascist dictatorship, to parliamentary democracy, sometimes within the context on continental civilization and culture. An equally key function of these texts is to provide a common basis for this course's discussion and conversation component affording each individual the opportunity to practice the oral expression of ideas ranging across a wide spectrum of topics from machismo, gender, and feminism to psychological obsession, transformation, the social construction of identities, and the function of memory. Besides reviewing and practicing the arts of reading and oral communication, students will be generating a series of original compositions with the goal of learning to write clear, accurate, formal prose in Spanish employing diverse rhetorical strategies. Students will likewise continue the development of their fundamental skills and perceptions as a critical reader, thinker, and analyst through the weekly equipos de redacción (editing teams) and peer revision sessions that support this process-writing technique. prereq: [1004 or 1014 or 1044], LPE pass

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