SPAN3107W: Introduction to the Study of Hispanic Linguistics

3 CreditsEnvironmentWriting Intensive

Language is the foundation of human society, but it’s much more than just a code used for communication. Language helps us shape our thoughts. It’s also the material we manipulate to create poetry and that we play with to produce humor. Even more, it is considered to be what truly makes us human. In this class we’ll learn the basics of the scientific study of language, also known as linguistics and answer some of these questions: How is meaning-making achieved through language? How does language work in the human brain? What does it mean to be bilingual Where did Spanish come from? How did it expand across the globe? Why are some aspects of Spanish hard for English speakers to learn? How do we use language to express our identities, and how can language influence how those identities are received and perceived? While we explore these questions, we will also learn the writing style and conventions that linguists use to express themselves. You will use these conventions to write a paper in which you explore a Spanish language related topic in depth.prereq: a grade of C- or better in SPAN 3015W or 3015V

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