SPAN 3704: Sociolinguistics of the Spanish-Speaking World

3 Credits

This course focuses on the study of the Spanish language in a variety of geographical and social contexts. We’ll examine the historical, social, and linguistic factors that have shaped the development of different varieties of the Spanish language in Spain, Latin America, Africa, and Asia, including contact with other languages and cultures. In addition, we will explore how social factors such as occupation, education, gender, age, and ethnicity influence the ways that Spanish is spoken. We’ll also examine language ideologies and linguistic attitudes toward different varieties of Spanish and explore the reasons that some varieties of Spanish seem to be valued more highly than others. prereq: A grade of C- or better in SPAN 3104W or SPAN 3104V or TLDO 3104W or ARGN 3104W or SPAN 3105W or SPAN 3105V or TLDO 3105W or SPAN 3107W or SPAN 3107V or TLDO 3107W.

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